About The very first ticket office to offer payment sharing

The Back Story

The idea for Tixigo came about after a meeting between two brothers. The first brother, Daniel Marchand is the owner of a sugar shack and dreams of an online solution that allows him to manage his reservations while eliminating no-shows. He talks about this dilemma with his brother, Michel, a computer engineer, because the reservation systems do not help him solve his no-show problem, and the ticket offices require that the organizing customer pays for all the tickets of the group.

In Quebec, sugar shacks are more of a family activity, for groups or between friends. People meet up in groups of 10, 20, 30, 50 people. It’s impossible to impose the payment of the group solely on the organizer.

After multiple discussions, good meals and being discouraged over wasted time and money, the two brothers finally made a decision. In 2015, Daniel’s farm became the first pilot project for Tixigo, with one goal in mind: Ensuring the presence of customers and avoiding that one person pays for the whole group.

That’s how Tixigo came about:

A new product, a cross between a reservation system and a ticket office, allowing an organizing customer to reserve a certain amount of tickets and allowing the other members of the group to pay for their own.

Tixigo is the very first ticket office to offer payment sharing to your customers

Our Mission: To Gather

Tixigo’s mission is to facilitate gatherings for the benefit of its customers. In addition, Tixigo’s complementary objective is to ensure its corporate social responsibility.

Our Commitment

  • Establish healthy and responsive relationships with all our partners, customers and employees to create added value
  • Offer unparalleled and fast customer service
  • Support research on sustainable farming methods

Our Vision

To offer our customers technological tools dedicated to facilitating exchanges, reliable, evolving, at the forefront and in the service of our customers. Exploiting the concept of grouping is at the heart of each of our products. Our company ensures its growth on the basis of sound relations with its partners, the construction of these relations being at the base of our development and our innovations.

Our Corporate Values

  • Quality of the product and service
  • Respect for individuals, communities and the environment
  • Commitment
  • Generosity
  • Speech

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