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Listening to your experience, your way of doing things and the needs of your customers, we find the way to get the most out of your ticket.

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Having the service that comes with it is even better.

Customer Service Hours of Operation

  • From Monday to Friday
  • From 8h am to 5h pm
  • Telephone number: 1-866-512-9030
  • Email address :

For Emergencies 24-7

From customer service, to a partner relationship

At Tixigo, we establish partner relationships with our customers. In this sense, our ticket office services must contribute to your operations, your marketing, your reputation and your profitability. Under the form of an exchange, feedback is the main source of our development. With your help, we learn, and that allows us to innovate!

When putting your ticket online, validate your configuration with a member of our team and maximize the potential of your ticketing.

For us, the selling of a ticket is an act of great importance, and we work to ensure that your ticket office contributes to the growth of your company. How so?  By putting in place support tools that help the process of retention and loyalty of your customer base. Picture the selling of your tickets as the triggering component to the sale of your next event!

Our Commitment to Data Privacy

We make a formal commitment to keeping your customers’ information confidential. In this sense, we invite you to consult our privacy policy. This statement is also available to your ticketing customers.

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