FAQ Questions?

  • Can I use Tixigo for the sale of assigned seats?

    Tixigo is an online general admission ticketing system.

    You can define locations (rooms, sections, …) where tickets are available and sold at different price.

    Tixigo offers a manual placement tool that lets you assign people to tables of given capacities. The table concept can also serve other use cases such as golf foursomes.

  • Is the Tixigo payment process safe?

    Yes, Tixigo uses the Stripe provider that is certified PCI Level 1 for all transactions Only the last 4 digits of the credit card are kept by Tixigo Tixigo does not receive any other information on the credit card. Everything comes from the buyer’s browser to Stripe

  • Does Tixigo offer customer service to my customers?

    No – We offer you and your team complete support but you must provide support for your own customers. We will be grad to help you with any issues you cannot resolve by yourself.

  • What do you mean by multilingual ticketing?

    It’s not just about providing a multilingual ticketing and merchant portal interface. All the settings of your commercial activities in Tixigo must be entered in the languages you wish to offer. Ticket categories, e-mail messages, questions, etc. are all multilingual. In this way, the customer is offered a full experience in his chosen language among the ones you decide to offer.

  • Is there any charge for using Tixigo extras?

    One user – payer fee at all times. All options developed by Tixigo are included with your ticketing fees. Quebec restaurant owners only: The TixiMEV module has a fixed cost of purchase to bridge the gap between your SRM and Tixigo. This use is not required and a manual print mode is available.

  • What about fees when there’s a refund?

    You can cancel an online sale (order) and get a refund in full or a part of the amount according to your terms. Tixigo Fees will be refunded ONLY IF you refund the full amount of an order.

  • How does Stripe share the money between my company and Tixigo?

    Stripe is responsible, to the complete exemption of Tixigo, to send you the sums due to you from the sale of tickets to your guests, deductions made from Tixigo Fees and Payment Processing Fees, as well as any taxes applicable to these expenses.

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