Whether it is for repetitive or punctual events,
Tixigo is the solution for managing the sales of your tickets and your reservations.

Take advantage of our exclusive group management.
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What is Tixigo?

Tixigo is a general admission ticketing platform that merchants can use to manage ticket sales or prepaid reservations. Tixigo handles many different business models with its very flexible concept of activity that manages single or highly repetitive events.

Our exclusive voucher solution allows you to form partnerships with other businesses, customers or not of Tixigo. Cross-marketing is a powerful tool.

Our goal is to be your ticketing partner and help you at every step of the way to provide you with a sophisticated management tool and ensure your clients get the best purchase experience possible. Contact us! We will be glad to show you how it works and, if you decide to become a Tixigo client, then it will be the start of a long-term win-win partnership.


Do you offer attractions, sports or tourism activities?


Are you planning the party of the year, a series of shows, conferences or trainings?


Are you raising money for a cause and you issue receipts for income tax purposes?

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The Group - A Tixigo Innovation!

How does it work?

  • Group management is optional, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to use it for a commercial activity
  • The ticket office will offer two buttons, one to form a group and the other to buy tickets in the traditional way
  • Forming a group will reserve a certain number of tickets for a period that you decide (in days)
  • The group organizer buys their own tickets, then publishes the group ticket office to friends and family members for them to purchase their own tickets
  • When the group reservation expires, unsold tickets are released
  • The group gets its own ticket office which remains active at all times, with or without reserved tickets
  • Group creation can be implicit to give each buyer it’s own ticket office to buy more tickets or products and ensure it’s all part of a single entity

Benefits For you

  • Customer ambassadors – sellers of your activities
  • Get more contacts because group members buy their own tickets
  • Makes your preparation easier by knowing who forms a group and therefore expected to be together
  • Modify the tickets offered, their price to groups or even group by group
  • Use the group to give custom made ticketing to important partners or clients
  • Use the name of the group on signs or at the microphone to get a strong reaction from participants
  • Reward and incentive campaigns based on final group size
  • Impose a time limit before the event so that last-minute groups do not block tickets for too long

For your customers

  • Simple purchase with the right event at the right date chosen by the organizer
  • Everyone pays their ticket, the organizer is no longer responsible and committed to you to pay for all the tickets
  • Promotions according to the number of tickets purchased by the group
  • People have access to the attending group members list which helps to remind latecomers
  • Everyone can share the group ticket office on social media and thus increase participation
  • Enhances the customer experience and engages more customers to your brand

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