Do you offer prepaid dining experiences?

Allow your customers to book online by prepaying their meals.
Eliminate 100% of "no shows".

Encourage your customers to come in groups with our payment sharing option - a Tixigo exclusivity.
Tixigo offers you a suitable solution if you offer a selection of all-inclusive prepaid meals, whether themed meals, brunch or for special occasions (weddings, mothers day, Valentine's Day, ...).

Why Tixigo

Managing restaurant reservations is often a source of frustration for the merchant. People do not show up or don’t show up as expected which results in considerable losses. The traditional reservation leaves you in a vulnerable position since they are in no way committed to their reservations. To reduce this risk, you must make numerous calls to confirm your reservations.

The Tixigo reservation requires that the customer pays in advance for the meal of the people who will be present. It is a commited sale for which you determine the terms of purchase / refund. The sale may be final or eligible for a partial refund depending on your terms. Your customers will be committed to you and must respect the terms. It is the same principle as the sale of a ticket for a show.

What Tixigo does for you

Choosing a ticket office for your reservations is not a trivial choice and we know it. The win-win solution we offer keeps you in touch with your customers, promotes the sale of your meals and eliminates no-shows.


Dynamic pricing schemes

  • Depending on the moment (days, hours)
  • According to the number of tickets sold (packages)
  • According to your promotions (promo codes)
  • Mandatory or discretionary online tips

Issuing your SRM receipts (Quebec)

  • Manually on your cash register
  • Automatically with the TixiMEV Module – share an SRM with a cash register

Management Tools

  • Purchases and cancellations with or without penalties
  • Ability to move a ticket purchased to another date and time
  • List of participants – online and printable
  • Scanning of tickets if required with the TixiScan mobile app
  • Send e-mail communications to your customers
  • Ticket office for each groups with their own pricing
  • Ticket offices for partners and their representatives
  • Preseating of people based on your table layout
  • Traditional reservation (without pre-payment) available to you only
  • Ticket orders paid by other means than online

Reports and summaries

  • Your income
  • Your satisfaction surveys
  • From your questionnaires
  • Tips per event

White Label Ticketing

  • According to your colors and your logo
  • Direct your customers to your ticket office from your website or Facebook page


For you

  • Ensure the commitment of your customers to their reservation
  • Collect your income faster than paying on the spot
  • Improve your meal offer by satisfaction surveys
  • Boost your ticketing on social networks and in your emails
  • Group formation increases your sales and multiplies your contact list

For your clients

  • Group formation facilitates meetings with friends or family
  • Allow a pleasant shopping experience for your customers
  • Group ticket office can be shared on social media and by email
Earn income faster with prepaid online sales.

How Tixigo works

  • Plan your offering
    • Define ticket categories such as Adult, Child, …
    • Create categories for different menus and prices
    • Offer flexible packages (Ex. 2 adults and 1 child with addition child at reduced rate)
    • Adjust your prices according to periods (day and time of reservation)
    • Determine your capacity per period (ex: 100 people every 30 minutes)
  • Set up your ticket office
    • Add your colors, your logo and your images
    • Customize your confirmation and reminder emails
    • Specify your terms of sale
    • Control various users accesses (unlimited users)
  • Set up your extras - at no extra cost
    • Promotional codes
    • Satisfaction survey
    • Flexible questionnaires
    • Preseating tool with basic table layout
    • Group State (Service Coordination Tool)
  • Welcome your customers
    • Plan the arrival of your customers before they arrive with the information obtained during the booking. (Allergies, reduced mobility, high chair…)
    • Plan your resources with the ticket categories sold or reserved
    • Scan your tickets using TixiScan
    • Issue your SRM receipts with TixiMEV
  • Follow up after the event
    • Use our many reports and boost your sales
    • Identify your most successful advertising efforts
    • Get feedback with the results of your satisfaction surveys
    • Distribute tips to your employees
  • Relaunch and retain your customers
    • You have access to the list of all your clients – compatible with MailChimp
    • With groups you get a lot more emails than if only one person buys all tickets
    • Use promo codes for your loyal customers
    • Give your customers an unique experience, facilitating the buying process

They revolutionized their ticketing with tixigo

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