Ticket management system The combination of a reservation system and a ticket office

Éliminate 100% of no shows
Upgrade your cash flow
Obtain all of your customer's contacts

Why Tixigo

Choosing between the request for a reservation, a full prepayment or a deposit is not insignificant, it influences the type of relationship you have with your customers.

TIXIGO, the first-ever online booking service to ensure your customers’ presence with a deposit or prepayment, without forcing someone to advance money for others.

The simple reservation Leaves you in a vulnerable position since they are not committed to their reservations. To reduce this risk, you must make numerous calls to confirm your reservations.

The deposit By requesting a minimum amount per seat reserved, you reduces your risk.

*Some questions about the deposit, contact us for more informations.

The prepayment is a firm sale of which you determine the terms of purchase / refund. In the spirit of the times, large chains now sell meals online via their applications. These chains rely on technology to reduce waiting times and thus increase their sales.

Eliminate 100% of your no show
Quebecers, print your MEV receipts with Tixigo
Offer a truly multilingual ticket office and let your customers choose their language of communication.

What Tixigo does for you

Choosing a ticket office for your reservations is not a trivial choice and we know it. The win-win solution we offer keeps you in touch with your customers, promotes the sale of your meals and eliminates no-shows.


Dynamic pricing schemes

  • Depending on the moment (days, hours)
  • According to the number of tickets sold
  • According to your promotions
  • Depending on the mode: Deposit /   Prepayment

Issuing your MEV receipts (Quebec)

  • Manually on your cash register
  • Automatically with the TixiMEV Module

Ticket Management Tools

  • Financial transactions and cancellations
  • Communications with your customers
  • Unlimited access to users of your Tixigo account

Event Management Tools

  • Reception and placement
  • Scanning tickets (TixiScan)
  • Support your marketing efforts

Reports and summaries

  • Your income
  • Your satisfaction surveys
  • From your questionnaires
  • Use promotional codes
  • Tips per event

Personalized ticketing in your image

  • According to your colors and your logo
  • Adapted to your business model
  • Direct your customers to your ticket office


  • Take your reservations wherever you are
  • Ensure the presence of your customers towards their reservations
  • Get a better list of all your customers (not just an organizer)
  • Cash in your income at the time of booking
  • Allow a pleasant shopping experience for your customers
  • Improve your meal offers with satisfaction surveys
  • Pre-register your clientele (questionnaires)
  • Target your successful marketing actions
  • Boost your ticketing on social networks and in your emails
  • Share your customers’ group ticketing dynamically on social networks and in emails
Cash in at the time of booking.

How Tixigo works

  • Plan your activity offer
    • Adjust your prices according to demand (depending on the period and the number of tickets purchased) (* Marketing Mix – Dynamic Pricing)
    • Choose a pricing method (deposit or prepayment)
    • Categorize your tickets and rate according to category
    • Determine your capacity per period (ex: 100 people every 30 minutes)
  • Set up your ticket office
    • Add your colors, your logo and your images
    • Boost your prices according to your choice of deposit or prepayment
    • Personalize your confirmation and reminder emails
    • Specify your terms of sale
    • Control different user access (unlimited)
  • Set up your extras - all included at no extra cost
    • Promotional codes
    • Satisfaction survey
    • Ticketing questionnaires
    • Pre-registration questionnaires
    • Investment tool
    • Group State (Service Coordination Tool)
  • Communicate your offer
    • Use your enhanced email bank to inform all your customers (info letter)
    • Post dynamic links on your social networks
    • Let your customers share their group tickets with their friends
    • Attract new customers with Tixigo benefits – Free up the organizer
  • Welcome your customers
    • Plan the arrival of your customers before they arrive with the information obtained during the booking. (Allergies, reduced mobility, high chair…)
    • Plan your quantities with the ticket categories sold / reserved (adult, child, baby…)
    • Scan your tickets using TixiScan
    • Issue your SRM receipts with TixiMEV
    • Make your investments or your groups
  • Follow up after the event
    • Use our many reports and boost your sales
    • Identify your most successful advertising efforts
    • Get feedback with the result of your satisfaction surveys
    • Award the right amount of tip
  • Relaunch and retain your customers
    • Collect emails from everyone who came to your event and not just the organizer
    • Use promo codes for your loyal customers
    • Give your customers a unique experience, facilitating the buying process

A request for deposit or prepayment of your meals

DepositFull prepayment
Telephone / traditional reservations
Tax Management
Tip Management
Group Status Management
Placement at the tables
Free tickets
Satisfaction Survey
Categories that do not count (ex: baby)
Printing by the SRM
Tax receipts for charities
Modulation of prices over time
Price modulation according to the number sold

Possible Add-Ons

With these different features, we accommodate our customers efficiently and inexpensively. (User / payer pricing model – Pay a fee only when you make a sale). Ideal for those who want to maintain online style uniformity and only use one system. Indeed! Find all your online sales operations under your Tixigo portal.

Mini online shop

Use Tixigo to create a simple store where you can sell a few products or promotional items online, with occasional sales. For large volume sales, we recommend using a vendor dedicated to online sales activities.

Gift Certificates

With Tixigo, add a button on your website for the sale of online gift certificates. Your customers will receive an electronic certificate personalized to your image at the time of purchase.


Our User Fees follow a user / payer pricing model. Fees are charged to the ticket purchaser in the form of a ticketing fee, when your sale is made online. This way Tixigo is totally free of charge for you. However, you have the choice to include this amount in the purchase price of your tickets and thus absorb the Tixigo fee.

Our usage fee applies when you make a sale or deposit online.

Flexible, Tixigo allows you to use the « Reservation » mode (without any prepayment or deposit of your activity or meal), without any additional fee. The « reservation » is done manually in person or over the phone. The use of the Tixigo platform in « reservation » mode allows you to issue unsold tickets or to sell them by any other type of payment than the one proposed by Tixigo.

No surprises. All our options are available at no extra charge (unless equipment is required)

Transaction fees

We work with the Stripe payment platform to process your transactions. Governed by the financial markets authority, it ensures the security and confidentiality of your donors’ banking data.

Revenue from the sale of your tickets will be deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe

A transaction fee of 2.9% + 0.30 $ will be charged for purchase with cards from your country. Expect 0.5% more with foreign cards.

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