Highlight your sponsors and increase your contact lists.
Issue tax receipts automatically by email.

Multiply the number of contacts with our group management option - a Tixigo exclusivity.


Becoming involved in hosting a charity event is a strong commitment to your community. At Tixigo, we would like to do the same for you! Turn your participants into ambassadors for your project and let them sell tickets for you effortlessly.

Tixigo, the very first ticketing system to offer your customers the choice between paying all the tickets or sharing the payment between members of the same group.

Issue tickets identified under the names of your sponsors. It is interesting for them to obtain an additional form of visibility. They will then be able to give these personalized tickets under their names to their guests.

What Tixigo does for you

Choosing a ticket office is not a trivial choice, and we are aware of it. That’s why we are working to ensure the sale ignites a relationship and encourages the sale of your future activities and the collection of more donations.

Your fundraising activity is probably related to a meal, show or both. It can also be any activity. Consult the other sections of this site for more information on what is possible.

Specific Characteristics

  • Accept the sale of tickets by other payment methods (eg check) and this without any ticketing fees.
  • Issue your receipts for tax purposes of the real value of the donation according to the ticket purchased.
  • Automatic sending of receipts by email or printing for people without email.
  • Group formation increases your sales and multiplies your contact list.
  • Use partner ticket offices with list of representatives to record their sales.
  • Use groups to manage your sponsors and let them produce their allowed tickets according to their sponsorship.
  • Get an online DONATION button on your website. No ticketing fees for donations.

Ticketing fees

The ticketing fees are 3% of the ticket price ($ 4.95 maximum). You can hide the fees and absorb them or pass it to your customers such that an additional column appears to display the ticketing fee. You can, however, absorb the fees in the price of your tickets. 

The ticketing fees apply when you make an online sale only. No fees apply for tickets not sold online. No charge for free tickets.

The ticketing fees are deducted on each transaction automatically by our payment transaction partner. Fees are fully refunded when you cancel and refund an order paid online in a single transaction without any penalty for the buyer.

The fees are subject to taxes for the merchant, but also refundable so there is no fiscal impact.

Transaction fees

We work with the Stripe payment platform to process your transactions. This PCI Level 1 certified company ensures the security and confidentiality of your customers’ bank data. The net income from the sale of your tickets will be deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe on a regular basis.

Transaction fees of 2.9% + $ 0.30 will be charged to you by Stripe. 0.6% surcharge for foreign cards. Subject to your qualification with Stripe as a federally registered charity, fees will be reduced to 2.2% + $ 0.30.

These fees are invisible to your customers. No setup or monthly fees. Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express cards are accepted, as well as debit cards identified with the Visa or Mastercard logo. Fees are non-refundable.

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