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List of participants, badge printing and more.

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A single event

Small or big, it doesn’t matter

List of independent / complementary events

Series of shows or activities that you manage in a single calendar for easier management and not event by event

Corporate events

Registration for training or conferences

Your clients don’t like buying tickets for other people. By sharing the payment with their friends and family, it relieves them of the burden of buying all the tickets and then asking to be reimbursed. The end result, you get more contacts for your future events!

What Tixigo does for you


Dynamic pricing schemes

  • Depending on the moment (days, hours)
  • According to the number of tickets sold (packages, group pricing)
  • According to your promotions (promo codes)
  • Presale

Management Tools

  • Purchases and cancellations with or without penalty
  • Possibility to move a ticket purchase to another date and time
  • List of participants – online and printable
  • Scanning tickets if required with the TixiScan mobile app
  • Send e-mail communications to your customers
  • Ticket office for each groups with their own pricing
  • Ticket offices for partners and their representatives
  • Ticket orders paid by other means than online

Reports and summaries

  • Of your income
  • Your satisfaction surveys
  • From your questionnaires

White Label Ticketing

  • According to your colors and your logo
  • Direct your customers to your ticket office from your website or Facebook page


  • Get a better list of all your customers (with the group option)
  • Allow a pleasant shopping experience for your customers
  • Improve your events with satisfaction surveys
  • Pre-register your clientele (questionnaires)
  • Offer custom ticket office to your partners and monitor their sales
  • Target your successful marketing actions
  • Boost your ticketing on social networks and in your emails
  • Share your customers’ group ticketing on social networks and in emails
  • Issue all your tickets sold other than by Tixigo or in “Reservation” mode
  • Get a human service, personalized and responsive to your reality
Offer a truly multilingual ticket office and let your customers choose their language of communication.

Ticketing fees

The ticketing fees are 5% of the ticket price ($ 9.95 maximum). You can hide the fees and absorb them or pass it to your customers such that an additional column appears to display the ticketing fee. You can, however, absorb the fees in the price of your tickets. 

The ticketing fees apply when you make an online sale only. Minimal fees apply for tickets not sold online or for reservations without tickets. No charge for free tickets (conditions apply).

The ticketing fees are deducted on each transaction automatically by our payment transaction partner. Fees are fully refunded when you cancel and refund an order paid online in a single transaction without any penalty for the buyer.

The fees are subject to taxes for the merchant, but also refundable so there is no fiscal impact.

Transaction fees

We work with the Stripe payment platform to process your transactions. This PCI Level 1 certified company ensures the security and confidentiality of your customers’ bank data. The net income from the sale of your tickets will be deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe on a regular basis.

Transaction fees of 2.9% + $ 0.30 will be charged to you by Stripe. 0.6% surcharge for foreign cards. These costs are invisible to your customers. No setup or monthly fees. Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express cards are accepted, as well as debit cards identified with the Visa or Mastercard logo. Fees are non-refundable.

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